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Day 14: Dear Dreamer, it's not a dream...

Cindy Rangel


Dear You,

I am writing a letter to you.  Yes, YOU.  I am here to  say this is not a dream.  Yes, people may say follow your dreams, or you can even say, "that's my dream."  But I am here to say it's not a dream.  It only feels like that because you see it so far away from YOU.  I am here to say it's not far. Actually, I'll let you in on a secret.  It's actually quite close.  I know, you are probably thinking what kind of post is this? Well, this is your friend who is looking out for you, that's who.  And I am here to tell you it's not a DREAM. It's a reality and it's closer than you think, like really close.  I know because I thought it was far for me, too.  Let me save you some time and annoyance.

How close? Okay, I'll tell you.  It's right after you decide what you want to go after...yes, it's right after a decision.  I don't care what decision it is.  Actually, it doesn't have to be the right decision. It just has to be a gut- decision. Wait, scratch that.  It's a second before you make a decision.  It's that gut, that doesn't care anymore about anything but what you love.  In fact, it's that inner pull that tells you subtly, go for it.  It's so subtle you may just miss it a couple of times in life.  I am here to tell you, stay awake for it. Drink coffee, meditate, talk to whoever, journal, travel nonstop, hang glide, run a marathon, skinny dip but just listen to that and really LISTEN. Why? Because right after that inner instinct pulls you forward I want you to decide.  Decide and think aloud.  Don't stay in the comfort zone.  In fact, run from it.  That comfort zone is cheater.  

Yes, a straight up cheater.  It cheats you of who you are, it robs you of your time, and immobilizes you to not make a well though out high quality life decision. Now what would you want a safe cozy rob you of your goals in your comfort zone or gusty bold move toward what you love?  I always choose the gusty bold move.  Always.  NO. Matter. What. 

So why am I writing about this and how do I know?  I know because I have been in that "comfy zone" and let me tell you it's the dirtiest cheater ever.  It leaves you wondering what if for years and it can leave you thinking you are the biggest phony ever.   Comfort zones are the stuff that nightmares are made of and that's just boring compared to what you love.  Run from it. Actually run away like it's 500 yard dash. Life is short and I am here to tell you. Go bold or go home.  

YOU are worth it.

YOU will win when you think you are losing.

YOU are worth it.

YOU will not be comfy but you will have fun.

YOU are worth it.

You will learn tons and most importantly you will learn about YOU. 

YOU are worth.

You need to make mistakes and get up.  You will probably cry and laugh at the same time.

YOU will survive the mistakes. In fact, that's where the treasure really is...

YOU are worth it every single time you choose YOU.

So what will it be today? What will you choose? I'll see you on the bold side of YOU.