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Cindy Rangel

Away but never far

I took some needed time off from the blog and the entrepreneurial goals well because, life. Sometimes, you need some social media detox and that’s what I ordered and it felt so human let me tell you. I am always thinking about business and know it’s a process and that’s just how I tick.  Sustainable fashion has been on my radar in 2009 when everyone was scrambling for their jobs and filing for foreclosures. My beginnings always have taught me to consider your reasons why you started your entrepreneurial business and it reminds me to continue with my mission. 

Single leaf.jpg

As with life, I moved and changed jobs so that took over for some time and I was okay with that. But as the ambitious person that I am, I began just creating things and wanting to really get into the nitty gritty of sewing as it’s been a passion for so long. So, I took some classes at my local community college and it was so creatively satisfying. I know that will always be a part of my process as I continue to obtain a certificate in fashion design and building my company. I know, it’s ambitious but I love it, so there you go.

Now, I am back getting my bag prototype and sourcing everything and that’s where I left off. I am so grateful to know each day is another day to beginning again. Hustling, learning, and doing what you love can never get old and of course, getting it off the ground is the outcome but there’s always another day to learn and improve oneself. What better way to improve yourself with your passion? Stay tuned for more info about my bag prototype and my fashion design journey. Peace and love to all of ya, and thanks for following my story.