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Day 21 Sustainable Living:

Cindy Rangel


5 Ways to Pack Light & Rock Your Holidays

What to pack or NOT to pack, that is the question.  Probably a task left to the last minute during the hustle and bustle of the holiday rush.  And with holiday gifts for your loved ones and for yourself.  Packing is not to be taken lightly, well kind of sort of, but I'll explain below.

Packing, it's not a very appealing and it's a mundane task before your travel adventures. However, it's a must do and an important one unless you want to get fined for overpacking at the airport.  And we know that we have all been there and done that.

However, in order to be a pack master, you must know 5 essentials steps to packing light especially for the holidays.  So here are the top 5 tips for all you travelers who may or may not leave packing to the very last minute.

1) Know your staple pieces

When I refer to the staple pieces I mean know which pieces you know are your "go to pieces"  that are comfortable but not too informal but that go with any other outfit for the holidays.  For example, I have my white t-shirt, black flats, and 3 top accessories I cannot live without which includes sunglasses, watch, and hat.  I know, how are you going to pack a hat right? Well. there are ways to pack your hat and not destroy it but that's another blog post.

Pack essentials and pack light is the name of the game.  Pair your staple pieces with other more formal pieces such as a black jacket or set of boots.  Don't think outfit, think versatile pieces that go together with ease and seamlessly. Three sets of dresses could be categorized into formal, semiformal and lounge type.  But don't go beyond those three pieces especially if it's only for a shorter period of time.  Why overpack is my point.  Plus, if you really want to add more joy to your outfit, you can always run out and get a last minute accessory such as hair accessory or hat (that you were not wanting to pack) at a local vintage thrift store.  Just promise me you won't overpack, pretty please? That just leads to messing up the hair and make-up for the ladies in travel pursuits this holiday season.    

2) Know your Style    

Please know it and flaunt it.  No really, I mean it.  I would spent days just cooped up in my Lincoln Park apartment during the Chicago winters wearing black and sweaters before I moved to San Diego. (Free advice: Don't waste good winter wardrobe opps.) Today,  I am liberated but I didn't have to be such a Scrooge.  Geez, can we say Patagonia?!  And there was a store in my Chicago neighborhood.  I know, I am a baby.  But for practical travel purposes, knowing your style can be synonymous with knowing they self.  Don't be lame and sit inside all winter like me.  I wasted so many scarf opportunities.  I had this thing with the cold though.  Okay, so maybe I can brag about my winter because I live in San Diego but I did my time in Chicago and that was no joke with the wind chill. (Have you seen the 14 below weather reports? Yikes!)  But I saw some savvy ladies in Chicago.  Don't waste time.  Knowing your style can have so many benefits:

  • It saves you money so you are not buying stuff out of your style.
  • It saves you time so you are not wasting packing stuff you are not going to wear.
  • It makes a difference in your impressions and interactions.  Dress for the holidays.  There will be relatives taking pictures without your consent.  
  • It can compliment your figure.
  • It can save you tons of more money long term when you consider your style.  

So know your style or else it's going to show through during the holidays and we all know the relatives will want to point that for sure....have them compliment you instead. Deal? 

3)  Know your details

It's not a coincidence I am a launching a handbag collection.  Accessories are an inexpensive (or an indulgent) way to add beauty to your outfit.  Each outfit can really have 3-5 accessories that really make the outfit. I believe the simple you are with the accessories the more you can add.  I add at the most three accessories depending on how they compliment each other and the main wardrobe piece.   Handbags can be a favorite during the holidays so try to indulge in a piece that can be wore during the holidays and on special occasions throughout the year. Earrings, pins, necklaces, scarves, hair accessories and watches complement the outfit during this wonderful time of the year.  Make each day wonderful selecting timeless pieces to travel with you on your holiday journeys.  

4) Know your shoes (weather conditions) 

So it's obvious to plan your packing light knowing your destination weather conditions but do you ever plan your outfits with only 3 pair of shoes?  Yes, it can be done.  Consider your holiday best pair, your comfy pair, and your in between pair or as I'd like to refer to as your go to pair for every day.  It's my boots for me.  They follow me everywhere and they have been to the cobbler.  I will let you slide by with a fourth pair but it should include an athletic shoes and that's it.  But seriously, no more shoes.  I know you love shoes but do you love paying fines for overpacking?  I guess you shall see.  My goal is to pack so light I will only need a carry-on but I have really think about that one with my boots.  Anyways, boots are necessary but so are heels.  So be merry and pack it light.

5) Know your holiday list

I cannot mention this enough. People are going to give you gifts.  You may or may not like them or you may have to pack some or not but this is the season of giving and you shall receive more stuff to pack.  So pack light and pack smart.  The most wonderful time of the year is upon us and you don't want to be Scrooge with your packing woes.  Pack smart, save money and be on your merry way to your adventures.  

What are you fashion winter stories? What was your worst or best fashion journey? I'd love to know more about your funny story or maybe not so funny story?  Most of all, let me know how your holiday hustle and bustle went from your shopping endeavors all the way to your family gathering which you know will never be dull.  As for me? It's my first holiday in California, and I am going to indulge in the pleasant weather here and perhaps I will write more about those events on the next blog.  Don't forget to subscribe to my e-newsletter because I will be announcing a fun new invite! It's not a holiday party but a I will give you a hint: there will be discounts, giveaways, and FREE source of info on sustainable fashion and so much more.  Plus, you can take a sneak peek at the final details of the up and coming travel handbag. So much to  see and do so travel on and see the world. (Don't forget to take lots of photos).