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Cindy Rangel

What am I doing right now and WHY?

So what's my next step? Testing my product prototype and a continuation of researching for my sustainable accessory business.  This is my second time around in the sustainable fashion and today the fashion industry had made good changes in the sustainability field surely turning in the right direction in terms of sustainability.  However progress in fashion industry, particularly the manufacturing industry is slower than expected but we are considering the apparel industry is an archaic industry in which there has not been much innovation in recent years.

Change, it's always part of the fashion industry right? You see a lot in fast fashion but what's happening right now in sustainable fashion? Well, it seems like there are more and more independent designers coming into the market and people are actually getting excited about it.  It's a movement catching on with a purpose which brings me back to the why.

The why is probably THE most important reason people decide to do things in life.  For me, it was this and only this.  THIS is equivalent to how sustainable fashion crosses with entrepreneurship.  I was an education major but know this is my calling and I have to take the risk and say YES to this endeavor.  Saying no will only lower the risk to like zero to be the entrepreneur that I am.  What does that mean?

My schedule well, there is not schedule.   I have a temp/pt job and I will blog about that later.

Usually I work 15-20 hours in the really early am.  But what really gets me out of bed is most likely a workout at 5am.  Get that morning snack like an apply or granola bar and I am off doing 5 miles.

Then I work and come back, eat and off to writing content for the blog, research for business, social media campaigns, more writing for the blog, data and number crunching and then following up on my prototype.  Then, going back to the "drawing board" but there really is a drawing board.  I am a visual person so all this is really important for me to see on some white paper hanging on the wall.  And that's just the tip of the iceberg.  I need to make sure all of this aligns with my mission and the WHY.

Why am I starting a sustainable business again? The why remain with people and the industry that has SO MUCH potential.   This is industry is a big elephant in the room no one really talks about or mainstream media neglects to address.  Only with disasters like the Rhana Plaza in Bangladesh and other disasters does it call our attention.  What's happening?  Who is actually paying the price of this archaic industry abroad.  

I want to be a part of a community involved and caring about their community on a local level and global level.  The community creates a sense of belonging and don't you want to be a part of community where you can connect for the same purpose?  That's my why.  I want to create a community that empowers themselves and one another.  

The why is centric to all things in business.  When you have lost your why. You may have lost your way.