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Dear Summer

Cindy Rangel


Dear Summer, 

You are going by too fast and it’s been a great time with plastic Free July, buying local, mending that sweater for sunset hang outs, reusing household things around the house, and of course, resale finds!


But why are you going so fast, summer? I have yet to practice more of the plastic free habits and resole my Birkenstock sandals for one last party at the beach.  Hold on, there’s no fear. I can help you out by maximizing my summer with 10 tips with sustainable fashion from head to toe.





There’s nothing like great shoes which can be repaired at a local shoe repair or like I need to do at my local Birkenstock shoe retailer. Here’s some more info about how some Birkenstocks are vegan, using cork materials and maintain their commitment to repair. That’s a win/win for all people, local, corporate and good for the environment.


Another vegan option would be the Good Guy Don’t Wear Leather, the first French company to launch a vegan shoe company. Their style is eclectic but I personally like it because they offer loafers and ballerina styles.




I swear I always need my go to sweater since I live in San Diego but sometimes I just need a black jacket that is my go to for night outings or date night. One UK company that’s creating a full wardrobe season-less is ADAY and you can find that jacket here that’s made up of post-consumer-recycled water bottles.


Flippa is a Swedish company that is committed to labor rights and uses transparency practices in the supply chain. Their jacket is made from mulesing free wool and recycled polyester lining.  But I like this Kai coat that has kimono sleeves and voluminous cocoon shape silhouette. They are having a 50% off sale right now so I’d be heading over there right now.


A hat company that provides straw hats which is so necessary in the summer is Conner Hats. They have a huge array of hats that are free from formaldehyde and AZO dyes. Other materials include recycled polyester from old water bottles, organic cotton and non-mulesed sheep (a practice that hurts sheep when wool-bearing). They have an array of styles for men and women and even have berets!


So, there you have it. Some dreamy places online to check out for your sustainable wardrobe challenges. Summer doesn’t have to end on a dreary note. It’s intentional not perfection we are striving for as consumers.

And let’s not forget the resale action items that you can mix and match until you save up for a nice piece from some of these companies which is something I always try to do with my savings. Haha!!! Some resale shops are very local and some of them are getting so gorgeous too! But here are some recommendations that should be nationwide and looking up resale gems gives me a high. One other suggestion when reselling is to always keep you mind open because it’s about mixing or matching or find one piece that will be timeless. When you are intentional shopping can be so rewarding something, I have grown to acquire because I am not a fan of big malls.  


Directory of some resale shops:




Buffalo Exchange


Hunt and Gather


Plato’s Closet


Aunt Helen’s

  I am not sad, Summer, I lived and learned this summer and it’s not over until September 23, so while I will miss your hot sun beating down on me as I take refuge in my hat from Guanajuato, Mexico, I will remember all the lessons I learned and now taking into consideration as autumn greets me in September.


Love you summer,


Ciao y besos

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