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The Why

Cindy Rangel

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With every change comes a new challenge and we must be willing to take on that challenge, right? Well, my challenge was to begin a new job full time.  I’m a language studies teacher and my area of expertise is language acquisition.  I am grateful for the opportunity to increase my financial options. I am very lucky to be doing the work I am doing in north San Diego county.


Yet I will continue to follow my pursuits in entrepreneurship as it’s a calling I cannot ignore.  My experience with building a business and working full-time can be a challenge (I’ve done it before) but I am willing to see it though no matter what.  It’s easier to have more time let’s say with a part-time job but today I am working toward different goals and I welcome this challenge. 


This challenge reminds me why I do the work that I do today.  My why is loud and clear: Sustainable fashion design is critical part of my work so it can create more options for the women workforce, increase awareness on sustainable fashion so consumers can make better decisions, and create less of an impact on our planet. 


These reasons are what fuel me each day and drive my purpose to create a sustainable travel handbag company.  It’s what truly brings my passion to life.  I am very grateful to have this opportunity to create my designs and handbags because 80% of the global labor workforce is women.  Each time I think of that statistic I consider the human side of it.  Who are these women who work long hours?  What does their life look like during, after and before their work?  How is their health? What do think about our clothes? What are their working conditions? All these questions linger.


That’s why it’s important to consider who makes your clothes.  That’s why more and more people are thinking about where their clothes come from and how it’s impacting their world.  Each day we make a choice when we get up in the morning.  We go to work, we work late into the evening, and we think about our why.  This is my why and I am so fortunate to make it my purpose each day. 


Hey, don’t forget to look out for my next personal blog post about the happenings on my purpose as I navigate a full-time job and my family happenings. Also, check out my e~newsletter and sign up.   I will reveal my secret goal as I work and launch my business.  Don’t miss this one as I get real about the whole process.  Sign up below and be a witness to the behind the scenes.  Thanks for reading and feel free to comment below and let me know about your why.