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Plastic FREE July 101: Your six travel summer habits

Cindy Rangel


Plastic FREE July: Your 6 habits while traveling this summer


What is plastic free July?


In 2011, founder Rebecca Prince-Ruiz, began the Plastic Free July campaign in Western Australia to explore the issue of plastics pollutions in the oceans through a Churchill research fellowship. The purpose was to explore the impact of plastic use on the oceans.  Plastic Free July campaign focuses on bringing more awareness to the single usage of plastic and to refuse single plastic use on a regular basis.  Today, Plastic FREE July campaign has a tremendous 1 million participants in Australia and globally with an even bigger audience anticipation in 2017.  Schools, organizations, and individuals can participate with their Plastic FREE July registration.


So how can you participate?


1)    Go register here and it’s free.  They even have a tool box to help you out.

2)    Follow Beth Terry’s My Plastic Free Life Blog for inspiration: 100 WAYS to live a plastic free life.  She's is speaker and blogger on this topic.

3)    Travel Light as much as possible and cloth linens for packing, bags, etc.


4)    Read Zero Waste Home and go to Bea Johnson’s page where she gives tips on a zero waste home which is an excellent resource on zero waste home.

5)    Follow Kathleen Zero Waste Wanderess, blogger living with less trash/plastic for a travel perspective.

6)    Three must haves when traveling: 16 oz. mason jar, napkins for take-out or snacks, and 2-3 size cloth bags. These bags can be purchased or you can make them if you are in a crafty mood from clothes not being used or old linens. That’s it. Keep it simple as you travel. 



Plastic free shouldn’t be a burden but a new way of thinking about your impact on the world and the oceans.  I hope you try these 6 simple steps in your home and while traveling and comment below to tell me how your journey began and any stories that come out of your zero waste travels.


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