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Cindy Rangel

DAY 2  Living Sustainably, YOUR wardrobe in 3 easy steps

Hey all, I am back again to give you quick easy steps to refreshen your wardrobe for the fall/winter.  This is DAY 2 of living sustainably.  The first day most of the blog was a general overview of living sustainably within the U.S.  

In this post I am going go over 3 simple steps to really taking a look at what you wear, what you need, and what you can buy regularly to really just take more stock of your wardrobe.  

“Simplicity is the keynote to all true Elegance.” Coco Chanel
  1. Take note of all your wardrobe staples or what you like to wear.  This will give you an idea of your style and what you actually like wearing the frequency of it.  One way of doing this is hanging your clothes in the closet where the hanger faces in and note those clothes that you like when you take them off the hanger switch the hanger facing out.   That way you can a quick visual of those clothes you prefer wearing.  Often we hold onto clothes we don't wear because have sentimental value.  In the end, they are taking up space in our closet.
  2. Record what your favorite clothes you like to wear at home versus work.  Take an inventory look at what's comfortable, stylish and simple.  In the end, that will be the main factor when to buy your staple pieces for the year or half year.  Here you can realize what is absolutely necessary and the quality of the clothes you already possess in your closet.   Consider comfort, fit, and level of activity.  

  3. Consider a thrift option for accessories.  This is by far one of the best tips I have given because in the end your accessories are what really make your style and your wardrobe. Accessories can include: belts, jewelry, handbags, and if you want even hats.  You can always take any piece to the dry cleaners or clean at home with wash cloth of vinegar and water and allow to sit in the sun.  

One last extra tip! I really like everyone to consider are clothes swap gatherings. Its very economical and you never know what you can find.  Be open to change and know you can begin changing what you think about your clothes in 3 easy steps. Lot of the swaps can be found at your local meet ups or often churches give clothes away for FREE!  Imagine all the money you will be saving! You can go on your next global adventure!

What have you been doing with your wardrobe?  How do you keep track of the things you wear? Have you discovered your new style and how has it changed your outlook and perspective on fashion? I'd love to know your thoughts.  And until next time! Stay tune for DAY 3, hint: it will be about a secret wardrobe essential.