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Cindy Rangel

Decision Time

So I have collected swatches and now it's a matter of honing in on the right materials for this tote or handbag.  I have an idea in mind that travelers will absolutely love and use each part of their travel journey.  It's really about the design and functionality for today's traveler.  That's my passion.  That's where it all starts.  It doesn't matter how long it takes you to get there.  The fact of the matter is sustainable fashion is my adventure.  It's a lifelong adventure and with my story. It will be a continuation of my triumph and trials.  Make no mistake, there are so many mistakes in entrepreneurship.  But that's the teacher. That's the right teacher.  

So today it's decision time. Materials are so vast. It's mind blowing, and in textiles it's a never ending selection.  I am lucky to be in the this position. But nature really inspires me and so does the traveler. Here's a picture of the final group of materials.  I am really going to narrow to 2-3 basic materials for the exterior and interior and then the notions.  I'm excited but still SO, SO much to do.  I have been busy with branding as well.  I love how this all comes together.  It can be overwhelming but I am very grateful I am part of the is sustainable fashion accelerator program, factory45 because it give me directions.  It's a healthy dose of entrepreneurship and fashion design but I am in my happy place.