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Day 17 Words Matter

Cindy Rangel


In this series, I will be covering words or lingo that may be confusing for the public in the sustainable fashion field.

So,here we go.

Corporate Social Responsibility

According to Business News Daily, corporate social responsibility is defined as "the business practice involving initiatives that benefit society. "  This practice can range from donating a portion of profits regularly to given charity or permitting a portion to greener standards within the business.

CSR has been a buzz word within major corporations as the green practices have become more mainstream as people become more aware about the impact of climate change.  However, many experts agree that having a solid CSR in place makes good business sense with people and the planet at the core of the plan.  

This can look like many different approaches with each company but may include:

1) Charity:  This may include a yearly or seasonal philanthropy campaign or it can be a direct partner with the company that have similar missions.

2) Solid Labor Practices: Business may analyze more productive practices within the workforce.

3) Environmental Practices: This may take the form of incorporating a lower carbon footprint in their business process.

4) Humanistic Approach: Volunteering can be an example of this approach.  An initiative that involves more direct contact with a non-profit or community organization that also aligns's with company's mission.

In a recent Forbes article, proving that triple bottom line of people, planet and profits can look different from one company to another whether it's a smaller or larger company.  One company may choose to become certified to function with a lower carbon footprint.  Another company may partner directly with more seasoned sustainable partners.  

There you have it.  Words do matter. It's important to understand these words in order to make an informed buying decision.  What words are confusing to you? As climate change becomes a major issue to act on within global affairs and at the local level, I ask if you would like to be informed as someone who buys things on daily basis?  When we eat we read labels on the food we have for dinner.  Words for sustainable clothing is the equivalent. Would you like to know more about this topic on sustainable fashion?  I will be drafting more resources to guide you so you can make an informed and empowering decision about your clothes.  Sign up for more resources, interviews, discounts on the travel handbag collection and so much more!