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Day 19 Sustainable Living: How to Pack Light for the Holidays

Cindy Rangel


How do you begin thinking about packing for the holidays? 

The hustle and bustle has arrived and the stress that comes along with the holidays is inevitable but it doesn't have to be with your holiday travel.

Here are some tips to make your travel seamless:

Pack Clothes for the Major Occasion

When packing for your trip whether it's for the humidity of Florida sun or the wintery season of the northeast U.S.  Here's one rule that will save you headaches and planning your trip.  Make a simple and seamless outfit for the holiday dinner or fun outdoor adventure in the urban city of your choice.  Select your packing highlight of the week and pack accordingly and I mean all the details.  Here you can go all out.  Don't forget the wonderful accessories.  I would consider laying out your outfit and then packing all the accessories such as jewelry in a small used containers such as aluminum mint box or downsize your reusable grocery bag exclusive for your traveling purposes and shoe packing.  Skirts are versatile with this option and can be swapped with a fun top or different shoes.  I'd keep the shoes 1-3 pairs max.

Pack Clothes for Everyday

No matter where you go eventually you are lounging and that can mean anything from jeans and t-shirt and fabulous heels to a fun little back dress in flats. Making it simple is the name of the game.  It's the holidays and traveling to your destination will be fierce especially if you travel on one of the busiest days of the year, Thanksgiving.  All you want do is arrive and see the people you love, and lounge, am I right? I have perfected the art of lounging and I believe it is working wonders for my sanity.  Pack your comfiest t-shirt and lovely jeans.  Time to enjoy the holidays. Suggested outfits 2-3 outfits and mix and match with accessories.

Packing your gifts

So this is probably the most stressful part of packing because you may have numerous gifts. Consider gift cards with super awesome out holiday cards. That way packing is lighter.  Also consider going to your destination store and buying online to pick up that day.  That way, all your gifts will be waiting for you at the store.  Pick up and give. Easy, light and no shipping fees included. Enjoy and be merry.  

What are you packing stories? What's the worst part of packing? I will be doing another part of this packing light series for women travelers so ask away. Thanks for visiting and make sure to sign up for e-newsletter because I will be offering giveaways in the future you don't want to miss. The giveaways will be part of the travel packing series.  Also, I will be including amazing interviews with sustainable fashion leaders and designers.  Don't forget to get the inside story on how the collection is going in the e-newsletter.  Sign up, save, and get inspired via the e-newsletter.  Cheers!