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Cindy Rangel


Day 7

Who is new world traveler? 

+5 top travel tips for them 

In a recent 2015 Visa Global Travel Intention study, more people are choosing to travel solo.  This study reveals, today, one in five of solo travelers are women. This indicates an upward trend of 9% from 2013-2015. Where does that lead us? If it’s any indication of a trend, then women are making solo travel destinations part of their lives and it’s important to listen to women’s needs as they make their plan for the next solo trip.  So what should you consider when planning a trip solo?

Here are the top travel tips for women:


1)    Travel light Often this is an underestimated tip however, when it comes to traveling solo it’s THE most important. You are alone many times and the last thing you want to consume your time in checking if you have all of your belongings and rechecking.  Sometimes travel is the most important thing you want to focus on for your overall experience, not if you forgot something.  Packing and planning your trip as much as in detail as you like is key for this.  Checklists are important as you don’t have a peer to rely on if you have misplaced a recharger or any other personal item. Pick a favorite bag or easy to carry luggage so it’s easy to maneuver and worthwhile for future trips.  You want to it to be as comfortable as possible when traveling. Pinterest has all kinds of checklist for the traveler.


2)    Get to know your social media This is important PRIOR your trip.  Traveling solo may mean sharing your travel photos on your favorite social media platforms. You can decide to publicly share your location and it that could mean you will always stay connected with family and friends.  Also social media sharing is always an option to expand your travel experiences whether you travel solo before, during or after your meeting with other fellow travelers. Traveling solo doesn’t mean lonely. Share your memories with beautiful pictures across the world.  Some applications include Backpackr, Solo traveller, and Wandermates.



3)    Preparation is key. Documents are often a worry.  So one good tip is to have all of your documents emailed to yourself just in case. That way you know it’s in safe place accessible to you anywhere in the world. Applications for solo travelers on a budget include Hopper, Foodspotting, and Localeur.  Also, carrying the amount of currency or the necessary kind of currency is important depending on your activities or your location. Another app includes EX Currency for your currency needs. Always prepare for the currency transactions for that day trip, that way you are carrying the minimum for the day.  The Lonely Planet has budget friendly travel options that include anywhere from $30-50 per day!


4)    Technology is king. As a traveler, it’s so important to be aware of the cultural nuances beginning with language even on a minimal level or conversational level and it’s a sure way to greet someone in their own language.  Google translate, S translator (on Andriod), itranslate, and Way Go are some applications to get into the know as a traveler so you can know how to order in the country’s native language, seek out directions, or mere basic greetings and conversations. In September,  Babel Fish , will also be an option for your translation needs.  It’s a wearable tech piece that fits in your ear that can translate the other person’s language in real time.  That will be a game changer for sure.  People respect that cultural sensitivity and it’s becoming easily accessible for friendly interactions. 


5)    Listening to your gut.  Traveling is an experience where you are visiting someone’s home country.  Sometimes we give into the wanderlust and we want to roam freely as if in our country. However, we must remember to be culturally aware as well and use common sense.  The use of your intuition as solo traveler is valuable.  It’s very reliable.  Tune into it.  Some safety tips include making the most of your travel adventure during the day, travel to crowed places, inform your loved ones where you will be staying, and be safe during the night if you plan on going out in the evening.   It’s a friendly world. Make it a safe and a memorable travel experience to remember forever.   

What is next for women? More and more companies are now catering to women traveler needs and that will change the travel industry landscape in numerous ways.  What do you think? What would you absolutely need as a solo woman traveler?  Feel free to subscribe to my e-newsletter as I  begin sharing interviews about women led companies that are changing the face of the travel industry as well as the sustainable industry.  Hope to see you there.