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Day 16 Fashion, the industry in hiding

Cindy Rangel


Last week, I listened to Ecocult's epic interview with a powerhouse guest speakers: jewelry designer, Melissa Joe Manning, Maxine Bedat, Zady founder, Kristy Caylor founder of Maiyet Co, and Maya Hoffman, a womanwear designer on The American Fashion podcast.  This episode has wonderful insight especially when the discussion turned to that great responsibility fashion designers have when it comes to creating awareness about sustainable fashion.

When I refer to the word responsibility it means understanding of who, what, where and how things are made to fit your wardrobe in the fashion industry.  There are a lot of words thrown around like ethical fashion, fair trade, eco-fashion, upcycyling and I could go on but what do they really mean on a larger scale?  

Does it mean I am going to inform you and go on and on and  I know more than you? No, the way we as a culture are shifting our ideas of the fashion industry is the tipping point that can lead to a decision of what to do next.

Does it mean the topic of discussion is elitist? No, but I can see how it can come off this way.

Does it mean it can get over whelming to understand this fashion industry and how it's changing? Yes and no.  The supply chain and the apparel industry is complex and with these terms it can clarify and help manage public's understanding of how the industry is evolving on a macro level.

Does it mean these words can be preachy? Maybe to some but the current state of fashion industry is bound to CHANGE.  It has to change.  It's been proven in history. It changed from a local and slower way of making clothes to its current state, fast fashion.  Eventually, the shift is really about going back to how it started and how textiles were really made in the U.S.

The reality is the following: the fashion industry needs to step out of hiding. Here are some STATS how the fashion industry impacts our world.

Here's the point.  The reason why the fashion industry seems like a slow changing industry is because it's a mammoth shift we must do collectively and one person at time.  Here's what I know:

  1. There is no preaching.  The facts are the facts.
  2. Things cannot stay the same.
  3. It begins with each person making a daily shift.

So I ask you how have you changed your daily habits? Did you know any of these facts? What was your reaction? On my next blog we will go over terms and verbiage in the sustainable fashion realm and fashion industry at large and what they mean to our society.  

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