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Day 11 What does sustainable fashion means to me? +3 question to ask when you buy

Cindy Rangel


What is sustainable fashion mean anyway?

Well, this is a big question to a lot of people but I am going to begin explaining my version of what sustainable fashion means to me and how I it found me.  

First, I will start with my definition.  Sustainable fashion is equivalent to knowing and working alongside the environment, people, design and business.   Those four components are key factors in my definition to how I approach sustainable fashion.  In other words, it's a mix of social responsibility for the process of craftsmanship, the people and how a business can bring those components together.  

My journey has just begun to develop with my company, Nomada Co, but it did NOT begin yesterday or 3 months ago.  This began after years of doing something "else".  I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago to immigrant parents.  My mother came here when she was 17 on a visa from Ecuador.  Like all parents, they want the best for their children.  Although she did not know any English and she had the equivalent of an associate degree, she was the gatekeeper of my intuition for sewing, fabrics and the love of business.  She instilled a good work ethic.  And with that came high expectations.  However, I experienced subtle callings toward business and fashion I could no longer ignore.  

Did I freak out and was I uneasy about my bold move? Yes, but what scared me even more was not moving at all.  Staying in the same place and not growing is the scariest thing for me because I believe in change and for growth to happen, things must change.  So I changed things.  I relocated across the the country, I quit my job for several reasons and a listened to my gut. Not just once, many times.  

You know when your gut tells you something and it's right on?  That's what my calling looked like year after year in childhood and throughout college.  

  • It's subtle.
  • It's not loud.
  • It's always right.
  • It's fun and always looks like a "risk".
  • It's something that always grabs your attention.
  • It makes you happy.

So I share my story because I want you to listen to your intuition.  What does it tell you? Do you doubt? Do you ignore?  I am here to tell you don't ignore.  Follow the bliss.  Don't worry about everything else. I am here to tell you I know because I ignored or dismissed and that was a mistake.  Today, I am listening.  Always.  I ask you, "Do you listen?"

And when it comes to sustainable fashion. Ask and trust your intuition, too.

I have learned the 3 best questions to ask about clothes and they are the following:

1) Where is made?

2) Who made this?

3) How is this helping the environment?

*Bonus What is this made out of?

Those three questions and the bonus one really magnifies the sustainable fashion definition.  Every time I consider buying or creating something, I ask these questions.  What do you do when you buy your clothes? Is it always about price at the end? Why? What is your story when it comes to buying your clothes?  I am excited to share more of my journey so make sure to sign in for my newsletter (see below) and you will get  FREE shipping when we launch our handbags!  You will know the answers to all the questions and the story behind your clothes & accessories at NomadaCo.  See sign in box.  Can't wait to share more of my story. Thanks for reading and learning about sustainable fashion.