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Cindy Rangel


Day 10 Live More with Less

25 ways to FREEDOM


So I am constantly attempting to create more with the less I have and I believe this is the secret to innovation and creativity.

I know that may seem like a buzz phrase: "less is more" but I am very passionate about independent fashion design and sustainability so when those two worlds collided I find my voice, my space, my timelessness, it all makes sense to me.   And I love being in that space.  And in our society, we are constantly bombarded with more  stuff which I believe stifles creative thinking and innovation.  One way I find inspiration is through writing and my designs which I am currently developing as I create more with less.  

What do I mean by with less? It could mean creating a business, or something that you are passionate about that can be found in the every day.  One of the ways I have is refusing to purchase things that are from big box stores.  That's my less component.  I want to see what happens in that scarcity and test it.  Like the scientist, I love to observe, test and then I make note. I re-test, I write down what works, and repeat.  But I love seeing patterns. These two worlds of entrepreneurship and design allows me to capture those two paradigms.  It's something that I am so happy to be working on right now.  

Here are some ways to be doing more with less:

  1. Start creating a list of 5 things you needed each day. For example: food, inspiration, education, culture, and outdoor fun are my categories.  Make a list so you meet those needs daily.  
  2. Create a space for your creative endeavors.  I read the Artist's Way by Julia Cameron and it it really spoke to me.  That has given me a plethora of ideas for inspiration and I crave it daily.
  3. Work on FUN  Everyday if you are not having a bit of fun, what's the point? I know it's harder said than done but it's amazing. Do you like to attend a outdoor market or food fest or attend a music concert.  See how you can create that with minimalist monetary investments.
  4. GO outside.  The outdoors are the best place to replenish your energies.  You can go outside cycling, have a picnic in a park, or just take a walk in your community.
  5. Limit screen time.  Just count the minutes of no screen time and it's actually pretty good for your health. 
  6. Organize your workspace and giveaway things that have been lingering and have no purpose.  I have this thing for pieces of paper that drive me crazy.  I try to not have that around because it gets in the way of my workspace.  
  7. Try something new.  Whether it's a new drink or a social event that gets you out of your comfort zone.
  8. GO paperless with all your bills.
  9. Create a meet up group where you are all on doing more with less.
  10. Get rid of your clothes that don't fit you.   I know that's a more challenging one but it really works.  Find things that you love and speak to your style.  Then decide to add more to that style every month with a vintage accessory perhaps.
  11. Swap accessories with friends. This is probably the oldest trick in the book.  I use to do this all the time with friends in high school. 
  12. Sew or repair or bring old clothes to tailor.  Maintaining your favorite staple wardrobe is key to doing more with less in fashion.  
  13. Create your must haves for the year.  2016 is almost over but revise what you love in your wardrobe.  Please don't get it in every color.  Pick a fave color and add to that in your preferred style.  That speaks more to your style than a t-shirt in every color. 
  14. Work on your accessory staple wardrobe.  That could mean shoes, jewelry, watches, coats, jackets, etc.  These complete your outfit but create a list where it adds to your style and not wardrobe.  There's a difference. 
  15. Giveaway your clothes to DRESS for successSalvation Army, or your church.
  16. Start with a cloth swap party and double party with kid stuff if you are a parent or relative.
  17. Here's a big one if you are ambitious enough. Donate your CAR! You can find a charity to donate your car here
  18. Start selling your furniture that you don't use anymore or that's in garage/storeage.  Here are some places that can help you out: Vinyet,  AptDECO , and Chairish
  19. Give to friends/family in need.
  20. Donate your cellphone to a soldier at Cell phones for Soldiers
  21. Use more homeopathic cleaners like vinegar to clean your household items and less chemical based products.
  22. Donate shoes to Soles4Souls.
  23. Post extra household items in Craig's list for neighbors.
  24. Give extra books to schools in need or supplies to school in Swap.
  25. Donate a bicycle at Bikes for the World.

There you have it! What do you feel after you donate a major item of yours? Did you feel a loss? I personally love it.  I get a sense of freedom.  What are your biggest donations and what happened?  Don't forget to sign into the email as I am planning on interviewing amazing women leading the way in business and sustainability, plus you can get FREE shipping when we launch the travel handbag in 2017! Win!