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Cindy Rangel


Day 9

Top 10 Clothing Swap Party

Do's and Don'ts

Have you ever been to a clothing swap party? I have and some of them were so fun and others were not so memorable.   Here I will give you tips to help you run a raving clothing swap party and some things to watch for so you'll have more friends rave for more of these parties.

Ok, so let's start with what is a clothing swap party?

A clothing swap party is a gathering to socialize and swap out your gently used clothing with neighbors, friends, or co-workers to REUSE your clothing or accessories that may not be used anymore by you but still has worth for someone else. 


1) Have people bring snacks/beverages.  This is key because what is a party without that? Just kidding.  It's important to use this time to socialize while you swap clothing with someone.  (Make sure to have healthy beverages so it's inviting and memorable for your guests).

2) Have the clothing swap party at the beginning of a season. That way there will be necessary interest right away.  Fashion is on the mind when season change.

3) Organize and invite attendees to provide a variety of sizes so each person can have a selection to choose from and not be restricted with size.  Categorize with small bins and label. 

4) Always, always clean your items before a clothing swap.

5) Have certain items on list such as women's professional attire welcome or you can always remind attendees to bring items on themed gatherings such as a swap for happy hour clothes.


6) Please don't just bring whatever to these swaps. It's important to bring something worthy and eye-catching so another piece of clothing can be found worthy and be REUSED.  

7) Don't bring anything that has been taken from the bottom of your closet 5 min ago. The best swap parties are ones where many items are swapped.  If anything, bring something worthy that you happen to not use anymore.  

8) Use common sense when bringing personal items that are more personalize like an 80s costume dress. Um, yea that may not be popular now.

9) Don't bring something that has not been clean. Check pockets, look out for holes and buttons.

10) Don't bring any personal items like socks, etc. Please, no thanks.  

So there you have it.  Be mindful of what you bring.  Personalize it with a piece of accessory or a household item like a ribbon to add flair to your piece. Besides, it's very freeing to give something that you are not using to someone else who will treasure it.  

What do you have in your closet that is swap clothing worthy? I have a collection of dresses that I've wore a bit but no my style anymore.  Those are great examples of swap worthy clothing. Now I am inspired to gather 3 dresses complement it with some necklaces and organize my dress theme swap party soon.