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5 Vegan Shoe Companies Leading the Way

Cindy Rangel


Let's face it, we need more ethical and environmentally friendly shoe companies. Who is leading the way in the shoe industry that meet the needs for vegans and sustainable fashion buyers?  These next five shoe brands are leading the way in design, innovation, ethical, and sustainable footwear.  What's on your feet today?  Do they have ethical practices? Do they have repair services or reward programs? I have some buying to do this month! Check out these companies and find how they are shifting the fashion landscape with vegan footwear.  

Rothy's Shoes via Instagram 

Rothy's Shoes via Instagram 

1)    Rothy’s Shoes are made from recycled material using state of the art 3D printing knit technology, the yarn is post consumable waste certified PET plastic water bottles, and there’s a moisture wicking agent treated yarn so your feet stay cool and dry.  Insoles are made from 100% recycled fiber and outsoles are carbon free rubber. Shoes are recyclable and at the end of the shoe life at their partner, They recycle them. It’s a closed loop initiative in the sustainable fashion industry. Plus, if they get dirty you can always throw them in the wash.  Hello, tech and fashion has arrived now!


Nicora via Instagram 

Nicora via Instagram 

2)    Nicora, a shoe company coining the word, “Kind Leather” made from natural and recycled fibers and no plasticizers, PVS, or animal products and essentially, vegan material.  These shoes are non-toxic and long lasting made in a solar powered zero waste emission factory in Massachusetts.  The latest collection makes me want to buy now instead of waiting for the holiday rush.


3)    Oka B is another closed loop shoe company that houses their shoes in Buford Georgia.  Shoes are made from 15-25% of recycled material and prides itself on maintaining a closed loop approach and made in America brand.  Can this brand’s vision get any better?


Bhava via Instagram

Bhava via Instagram

4)    Bhava is a ethical footwear company designed for today’s professional woman with a variety of footwear including: sandals, boots, pumps, bridal and so much more.  Founder & designer, Francisca Pineda created a footwear company with ultimate craftsmanship and design utilizing organic, recycled, and cruelty free components.  Alongside vetted manufacturing partnerships, Bhava is a timeless brand to check out.    


5)    Nae, a shoe company using recycled airbags, Pineapple leaves (Pinatex) -thank you Dr. Carmen Hijosa, PET recycled (recycled plastic bottles and recycled tyres), natural cork, microfibers of nylon, polyester and cotton all certified via OEKO-TEX.  The Portugal company’s mission is vegan shoe wear making sustainable footwear the ultimate priority.  They want to be known for the alternative in Portuguese footwear.  They have collections for men and women and their strategy is to utilize vegan materials, use ethical partners, and integrate environmental practices in their process.


So next time, you are shopping and looking for an alternative shoe brand that's vegan based with ethical and environmental practices in their supply, look no further.  These brands are showing how to walk the talk one shoe collection at time.  Have any further suggestions on vegan brands? Feel free to suggest in the comments below or your experiences with other vegan shoe brands. Would love to hear your suggestions. Also, feel free to sign up for Nomada Company's e-newsletter as we are looking to more changes soon with our website and you can catch insider behind the scenes as we move forward with the handbag collection.  Thanks for stopping and don't forget to look for great discounts on the e-newsletter as well.  

Top 5 Autumn Hat Brands for All Year

Cindy Rangel


Sustainable Hats, we’ve got you covered all year long.


As the autumn winds change the weather in your area, finding the right hat for your outings can be somewhat of a challenge.  Whether you are living in the east coast in New York City or living in the hot weather in southern California, taking care of your skin and looking good can be very easy. Here are 5 sustainable hat companies to check out.


1.     Beyond beanie

This company has a “rock a bB and change a life” campaign that assists artisans who create the products such as hats, bracelets, and bags. Founders, Hector Alvarez and Paty Lucero decided to start this company after a hiking trip to Bolivia where they fell in love with the country and culture.  However, they felt the children living in poverty was a huge issue.  Every hat your buy, such as a beanie hat, you give a child 5 meals. All products are made by Bolivian artisans.  There are other social programs that include the following: for every bracelet, you purchase, you can give a child dental care; if you buy a bag, you can give a child one set of school supplies; and if you buy a poncho you give a child a school uniform.  You can also see some of the projects and meet the artisans. 

2.     Chloe Haywood London

The Liquid SS16Collection is a hat collection made with sustainable materials Chloe Haywood, milliner/founder of Chloe Haywood London along with another British designer created to address the water and waste issue in London.  Materials include: fair trade Panama straw, Peace silk, GOTS certified organic cotton, New Life fabric (100% recycled bottles), upcycled elements, plastic remnants, vintage straw, and more. If you are looking for hats for a wedding, the races parties and bridal occasion, these British hats are worth checking out.

3.     Pachacuti 

Founder and fashion advocate, Carry Somers, created Pachacuti in 1992 after visiting Ecuador and witnessing artisans work with hat making.  After completing her master’s degree, she returned to Ecuador, and began her journey with cooperatives with no fashion experience.  Somers established a knit clothing collection and it sold out in 6 weeks. Thereafter, she developed Pachacuti as an exclusive hat company.  Pachacuti was one of the first companies to be certified as a World Fair Trade company. Today, Somers, is founder of Fashion Revolution, a global awareness fashion campaign to bring more education on fashion industry supply chains that impact the people’s lives making fashion and accessories. Her team still runs Pachacuti as well. 

4.     Yellow 108

Los Angeles based hat company specializing in headwear using sustainable salvage fabric and recycled materials.  Great selection on Fedoras plus beanie hats and original caps.

5.     Gypsy & Lolo

A husband and wife designer team create all kinds of hats with upcycled and recycled fabrics including caps, beanies, fedoras, soft caps, and sun hats for women, men, kids and pets too. 


No matter what your adventure, hats can be the ultimate companion and protection against the sun and such a fun way to style your outfit all year long.  Do you have a favorite hat?  What do you think about this selection? Hat preference can vary person to person and depending on material and purpose. Looking for more suggestions with sustainable travel accessories and fashion companions? Feel free to sign up to our e-newsletter and receive updates on our handbag collection made in California with women at the heart of each production phase.  Transparency, ethical practice, and craftsmanship is our highest priority. We will take you behind the scenes.  And when you sign up now, you will get a discount with a chance to give feedback on the prototype.  Thanks for stopping by and travel on sustainably and with the earth in mind.