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Who am I?

Hello World,

My name is Cindy and this is the sustainable accessories brand I have created to simplify your life and to create more for yourself and others. My background is in Education but my talents and how I tick involves how the entrepreneur life coalesces with fashion design.  At the heart of what I do is empowering yourself to empower your community. I am so happy you are here with me and can't for you to see how these travel accessories are from my empowerment to yours to live your travel experience immensely and have time to enjoy your life.  



Cora Mendes

I was born and raised in Maricopa, Arizona, near the Gila River Indian Reservation. My style is partly influenced by my great grandmother’s Akimel O’otham heritage. I’m a longtime admirer of the Sierra Estrella mountains, so earth tones with pops of green and blue are always my default. I started this blog in 2010 while working as a PR assistant in Los Angeles. Now, I run the blog full-time and travel around the world, absorbing style trends as I go.

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